A new series

This is a quick disclaimer: I’m putting up a blog that was written six years ago, and it will look like I wrote it just now. I’m going to take something out, something like a comma, and put it back in. It will then look like I just wrote it, being dated according to my last edit. If you were, for instance, planning on writing my biography, just be aware of this bibliographical inconsistency.

I’m doing this because it was the first in a planned series of twenty six (one for each letter of the alphabet) which never got off the ground at the time, and I can’t deal with starting with “B”. So I have to bring back “A”, kicking and screaming into the future.

I like things to be in order, to be collected in a place where they feel together. That’s probably why I like playing music and writing things. And I like things to not match…the worn and the pristine together on one shelf. In the digital realm everything looks the same. I might have expected, at one time, the corners of this blog to have gone a bit yellow, the “well thumbed” pages decaying in the beauty of use.

But….nothing gets old now. We spend our lives looking at (and listening to) non-perishable things. They are files. Of course, they could all disappear in an instant, if someone jams a spanner into the worldwide internet control box…..but they don’t wear out. (Humans do, of course, but we are working on that.) So I can jump right back in, the look of everything stays squeaky clean, like a Dickens folio edition.

So anyway, somewhere, a machine will be whirring under the strain of keeping my 25 forthcoming blogs on the web. I’ll try and keep the kilobytes to a minimum. I remember when this was all fields.

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