Advice For Jazz Students #1: A is for Alphabet

This blog has been entirely lacking in structure, a usp or a reason for existence and so I thought I might do an “A to Z” of whimsical thoughts, put them in order, albeit an arbitrary one. When trying to make things out of fragmentary pieces this kind of planning can be useful, “Z” is an ending, a light at the end of a tunnel I am digging myself. Compositional you might say, but it’s a bit early for letter “C”. I might also attract more adds for foot fungus cream and the like.

“A” is for alphabet, so that’s a happy coincidence. Already this thing is writing itself.

In addition to the 26 letters I’m making some other rules.

I don’t want to be unnecessarily prescriptive or to put anyone off studying jazz (or anything else).

I don’t want to be too woolly or pretend that studying jazz (or anything else) is easy.

I don’t want to preach, but I probably will because the blog is one of the comfiest pulpits on the internet.

I don’t want to give advice that you have to take because every thought does not replace, but merely adds to, those that you have already. Finally, maybe people who don’t want to study jazz will get a little window on the weird world of those who do.

If you notice any breakages of these rules please tell me in the comments, I don’t have an editor or a fact checker. (Indeed there are no facts planned in any of this.)

Consider this the first entry, letter A, 25 tenuously linked pieces to go.

2 thoughts on “Advice For Jazz Students #1: A is for Alphabet

  1. So, is this ‘alphabet’ like the building blocks of jazz language? What would these alphabet pieces be? Licks, individual chords? Am I completely off beam?

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